Midland Adult Education Centre offers  several online high school credit courses developed by the Distance Learning and Information Unit of Manitoba Education and Training.  Our online courses are self-paced within the school year.

Students access course content using Blackboard Learn. There is no need to purchase additional textbooks.

Online Courses:

Essential Math 20S

Introduction to Applied and Precalculus Math 20S

Accounting 30S

Biology 30S

Biology 40S

Essential Math 40S

Applied Math 40S

ELA: Transactional Focus 40S

ELA: Language and Technical Communications 40S

Psychology 40S

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Preparatory Courses:
Students who want to review and stengthen their basic English and math skills before they enroll in grade 10, 11 or 12 credit courses, are invited to ask teachers about the availability of ABE English and ABE Math.

These online Adult Basic Education (ABE) credits are made possible through Open Educational Resources (OER).  Campus Manitoba, providers of OER, envision a future for education that’s open. They actively spread awareness of resources to save students money and enhance teaching and learning across the province. They have also partnered with BCcampus to build a website that allows anyone to browse, view, and download textbooks with open licenses. You can visit Open Ed Manitoba at

Career Development and Work Experience

Life/Work Transitioning 40S
Life/Work Transitioning (LWT) involves self-assessment, career exploration, development of a career portfolio and verified hours of work experience, volunteering, or employment. The portfolio component provides an opportunity for students to identify and explore career options that coincide with their skills and interests. Students will create a portfolio of real life experience that serves to clarify career objectives, establish professional relationships, and recognize or develop employability skills. This course is a prerequisite to Credit for Employment 40G.

Credit for Employment 40G
Credit for Employment (CFE) will allow students to earn high school credit for 110 hours of verified employment, to encourage and recognize the skills development and experience gained through employment.

High School Apprenticeship Credits

Did you know that you can  earn up to eight high school credits as you accumulate your apprenticeship  hours?  We can help you complete the  paperwork to register as an apprentice, learn about tax credits for you and  your employer, and ensure your hours become high school credits.  For more information, go to the Apprenticeship website: